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  • Broken Wing

    Open and interesting lyrics by Chuck? ✔️
    Amazing vocal delivery and meter by Brian? ✔️
    Signature Red keys? ✔️
    Potential for Jam? ✔️✔️✔️
    Jordan and Cam giving this baby a beautiful bounce? ✔️
    Will get shred-nasty? ✔️✔️✔️
    Has a lick that is tease-able? ✔️✔️

    There's so much for me to like about this song. The lyrics remind me of Radiohead lyrics, which is a compliment of the highest order coming from me.

    It's easy for me to gauge a song upon the first few listens. How does it move me? Literally, how is it moving my body? This one is fresh and twists and turns my body in ways that I previously didn't know. This is now the song I want to hear most at my next Spafford show in the raw: what is it going to do, where it's going to go? This baby has potential for blast off and I want to fucking be there for it!

  • Just got the two 4/20 shows on my phone to listen to later. Really looking forward to hearing this now

  • That riff is great. I couldn't really hear the lyrics at the variety but the delivery is great on the soundboard.

  • Has a Julius feel to me. Cool tune.

  • I love the syncopated rhythm. Gets better with each listen. When I saw it live I heard a lot of feedback throughout, which Brian really played with tonally. Its honestly an awesome song. I love @RadiantDarkness saying its got a ‘teasable riff’. If totally does.

  • This was a perfect opener for Red Rocks and the highlight of this show for me! I know many people will say the postman>weasel was the best moment, but I feel this song was spot on for that moment and venue. Even though I couldn’t attend the show, I can close my eyes during Broken Wing and be transported between those rocks!
    Great call on this amazing song @RadiantDarkness

  • It's my new favorite. It eclipsed Lovesick Melody/Soil, which in turn eclipsed Eternity, which in turn eclipsed Shake You Loose and All In. Notice a pattern? Apparently I'm a big fan of Jordan's writing. Don't get me wrong, I'm picking favorites among favorites, but I tend to lean towards Jordan's work. Broken Wing is something else.

    It's got that signature Chuck style longing in the lyrics and Brian (and the boy's) treatment of the music is sublime.

    Love it! Looking forward to hearing it in rotation more. Red Rocks gave it... dare I say... wings.

  • Safe to say, I was ecstatic when it clicked that they were opening Red Rocks with Broken Wing.

  • A

    @ke11en_it I agree... the show had a lot of awesome but that opening jam/broken wing seemed to fully and perfectly embody the bigness of the moment

  • Good one yesterday too:) I can't wait till I get one live. Hopefully at Pisgah Brewing Company in Sept.

  • Was at the 4/20 show and it sealed off a helluva day nicely if i do say so myself..

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