Cam was the missing link

  • Spafford was great before Cam, and when he came aboard there was of course a learning curve. Now though, what he does behind the kit pushes everyone on that stage to the next level. It’s one thing to have a good drummer. It’s another to have a great drummer. Then, in another category, there are the bands who not only have a great drummer, but a drummer who will challenge everyone on stage, in real time. Not just someone to hold the rhythm, but someone to keep you on your toes. I keep hearing examples of him dropping in subtleties that change the entire dynamic of a jam, and shift it into uncharted territory. This is essential for a jamband.

    I’m a guitar guy, always and forever. When I listen to Spafford lately, I find my attention constantly shifting towards Cam. When I saw them in Raleigh, I watched Cam the entire night.

    Anyway, sorry for the rambling, but Cam is KILLING IT!

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    @ThinkBig Cam is killing it.He commands a lot of my attention live. and his abilities and the band's chemistry still have room to grow. the future is going to be a terrifyingly awesome place

  • He also looks like a straight BAMF behind the kit.

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