Ain't That Wrong - New Single Released off of For Amusement Only

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    So Spafford dropped the latest single off of For Amusement Only today-- Ain't That Wrong. It's linked up through an article on Relix. It's so difficult, and perhaps meaningless, to pick a favorite Spafford tune but gun to head (as @603Brett likes to say) ATW is my boo. So needless to say my expectations were high for this studio treatment. And needless to say I'm a Spafford LIVE fan first, Spafford RECORD fan second. But, wow, they really really really did a nice job with this one. The sax section fits perfectly and gives it enough flair for 4:30 minutes to channel some of that upbeat energy that the 10-20 minute live versions supercharge the crowd with. Read the Relix article to find out how the sax section came about and then ask yourself, "Do I believe in Canine Angels?" I DO.

  • Have I used that phrase? All this Live Free or Die shit must be getting to me.

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    @603Brett either you have or it makes my story better, so either way i'm going with yes :P

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