Ssshhhhh I didn’t pay to listen to you

  • Why do people feel the need to talk for the entirety of shows live music is not background music for bar conversations so many wonderful tapers put in work to record shows just to be ruined by blabber mouths

  • It's a problem at all concerts. I wish there was a way to make people care as much as we do about the music, or not act like assholes when they get drunk. I'm not sure this can really be fixed.

    What I do know is that I'm able to block out noise and chatter on both recordings and at shows if I'm truly immersed in the music. Some times are easier than others. Barring a total shift in the way we behave as a society, your best short term option may be to work on your own focus when listening, and be willing to move around if you find yourself next to some asshole.

    Also I'm sorry if I'm ever that asshole. We've all been there sometimes.

  • I know a dude who was at a phil show at the cap
    recently and had to say something multiple times. How many more chances will we get to see phil he’s getting up there

  • I love listening to Bob Dylan audience recordings. One mic in the room picks up the full concert because the audience doesn't say a word during the show. Just applause after each song and right when they identify the next song. I wish that type of audience still existed.

  • A

    @bee I don't know, I think there is a healthy balance. For a Bob Dylan show that level of silence might work, but for a Spafford show that sounds a bit too tame and subdued. I feel like audience engagement is crucial for a jam band that thrives on improvisation and the mood of the crowd to do their craft. At the end of the day, some people dance, some people nod and sway, some people are silent and rapt, other people are yappy as pomeranians. I've been lucky in the Spaff shows I've been to the band has been turned up enough that all the other noises and voices drowned out in the fray. it affects the tapes, no doubt, but that's just more incentive for me to get there in person as much as possible :)

  • A lot of people do pay to listen to me...thats why I always position myself by a taper mic and start reading Vogon poetry loudly into it just as the set begins.


  • Have yet to met a Dave that wasn’t a total turd 💩 @dontjudgedave

  • Please be kind we are all on this rock together my frustration has a lot to do with people messing up the work of tapers and the band Brian’s to nice of a guy to tell you to shut up 🤐 love Bobby weir he has told people to shut the hell up at shows over the years.

  • Im an amazing turd. The best turd. Everyone agrees.

    But in reality I try not to talk at all during shows with the exception of "im grabbing a beer, you want one?" or "here, smoke this"

  • I've been wearing Etymotic ear plugs at my last few shows and it helps drown out crowd chatter. Highly recommended, especially if you would like to still hear later in life.

  • @Frito-Pie I use "Ear Peace" plugs for the past few months and it definitely helps a lot. Only $20 for them too which is nice - comes on a keychain and a third plug if you lose one. Havent tried the different filter levels yet, just been using the medium I think

  • @Frito-Pie Huuuuuuge fan of my etymotics, I don't leave the house without them!

    Not only cuts down on crowd noise it honestly sounds better in general IMO.

  • +1 for earplugs at shows

  • I’ve been wanting to get a pair

  • 0_1533644610365_5EFE0CBC-9B1A-45BB-AB9E-00EF75FB2BCF.jpeg

  • I’m a big kimock fan love zero and the Steve kimock band

  • @ebernet thats awesome I’ll check out the whole show later

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