I need your NERD-Mail... Seriously though.

  • SPAFFNERDS! I need your help my friends!

    Im convinced that Spafford has some of the most amazing / dedicated fans out of any upcoming band in the scene!

    Here is what i need from you, and in return, i will offer you a gift for your time.

    Without blowing the surprise too much, I’m working on a project for the band. What i need from you is YOUR MAIL!

    Thats right. I want you to mail me a letter. This letter is going to be used as a Prop in project that im working on. Here is the guidelines:

    1. Mail me a letter to here:
      5014 N. Valley View Rd.
      Tucson, AZ 85718

    2. Dress up your letter envelope! Write on it, color it, make it your own! This is your time to shine and get your personality displayed on this letter.

    3. The letter envelope is the thing being used as the prop, so please don’t worry the inside.

    4. Letter can be any size (no packages please)

    5. Looking for these colors if possible - RED - BLUE - WHITE.

    6. Im going to be blurring out your return address so no need to worry about your address getting out.

    7. If you would like the small gift, please included a Stamp in your envelope! You present is a collection of NEW - Im Killing It - Stickers… You haven’t seen these before.

    I know this seems like a lot of work, but trust me, your help will make this project so much better!

    Cheers y’all!

  • I'm currently living in Australia!
    I'll try to send an Australian themed envelope or you can blur out my return address but leave the Australia bit!

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