Nerd Alert: Element Festival Ticket Giveaway! Enter by 5/18/2018!

  • Nerds! We're extremely excited to offer you the chance to win (2) weekend passes to the Element Music Festival in British Columbia, CA. You'll get to see Spafford play 3 sets, including one without a curfew. So hold onto your butts for a wild ride.

    Tickets are available here but as mentioned you can win a pair of weekend passes. Here's how it works. Share this post to social media (Facebook and Twitter are our favs). When you do tag your friends and then come back here and post a comment. Please let us know how many of your friends you tagged and/or how many times you shared. We really want to help Element get the word out, so the more you share, the more times you'll be entered in the drawing. We'll go on the honor system but if it turns out you won and you lied... you're gonna have a bad time. Oh also, we want to get entrants who are not already in BC. If you're local, go support your local festival. Our goal is to help get Nerds from the states to head up to see this amazing place.

    The contest will be open from Monday 5/14 through Friday 5/18. We'll do a drawing on Saturday Morning and we'll announce a winner here and on our Facebook and our Twitter.

    It's hard for me to describe how beautiful this place is, so I'll just show you with some of the pics that the team provided to me. Check this out:

    And the stage is absolutely gorgeous too.
    alt text
    With collaboration and sit-ins being an encouraged activity:
    alt text
    alt text

    You should go to this festival. The location is serene, private, and absolutely divine. The bands are top notch, and the promoters are super cool people. If the circumstances of my present were a little different we would be headed up there to escape the heat of the AZ summer and breathe in a bit of fresh, Canadian air.

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  • Shared and tagged 10 friends interested in going. Thanks for this!

  • Tagged 4 friends shared and is currently stooookkked!

  • Shared a nice post and tagged one friend. Will try to post once a day until contest ends and will update my comment before the contest is over with my final total.

  • @Veritas said in Nerd Alert: Element Festival Ticket Giveaway! Enter by 5/18/2018!:

    Shared a nice post and tagged one friend. Will try to post once a day until contest ends and will update my comment before the contest is over with my final total.

    Great idea!

  • 1 share tagged 1 friend. (Can only bring 1 friend so we’re not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings by not being invited, ya dig?)

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  • Shared and tagged 1 friend! Only one because she is who I’ll bring and don’t wanna hurt anyone feelings :/ but I have posted about the festival before and told lots of friends to check it out!! It looks amazinggg unfortunately being a broke early 20’s musician makes it hard to afford it :( will be sharing to twitter and Instagram as well as my bands’ twitter

  • Update, still time to enter. I will get the drawing done today. Baby had us up all night. Trying to grab some rest when I can. Stay tuned nerdnation...

  • @Veritas
    Made one more post with three additional tags before the drawing. My totals are two posts and four tags. Godspeed gentlemen.

  • Drawing is done and can be seen here:

    Congratulations to @farfromslip on the win. You've got 7 days to claim your prize, or we will draw a new winner. Please get in touch with me through the chat feature, or facebook.

  • $$$

    Element fest... That. Freaking. Venue! And they have tons of packages so u don't have to hall camping gear across north America. Maybe next summer if they're back up at element I may make the push to take the whole fam.

    This year's tough I gotta try to fly under the radar and stick to mostly local shows (I.e. shows not requiring 2-3 days of check-the-F-out-from-family time and a room)

    Sidenote: God damn I loved all our sub 15$ shows I feel like we really got away with murder. I'm screwed on the spafford front though, thank God for couch tour. I may be asking the boss-man for a hall pass for peach, that lineup is baller

    Not complaint, but daytime sets and rigid time slots blow for the boys. Don't get me wrong, I'll take anything I can get for a fresh Spaff fix. But summer used to be music season, and the last few years I loathe it and yearn for fall/winter, when they tear through every tiny venue In a Town near you leaving only four alarm blazes and hundreds of new nerds in their wake 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    #LetSpaffordJam #thanksBrownie. 15 glorious extra minutes, much appreciated

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