It's almost Cameron Laforest's one-year anniversary with Spafford...

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    Just shy of a year ago, fans were hit with the news that Spafford's former drummer, Nick Tkachyk, and the band were parting ways and that the new drummer, Cameron Laforest, would be joining the band on stage at Summercamp. None of us knew what to expect. And 355 days later...

    What. A. Year. It's. Been.

    In anticipation of Cam's one-year anniversary with the band on 2018-05-25, I thought it would be fun if everyone could share a favorite story, favorite photo, etc. of the man named Cam banging on the plates and cans.
    I'll go first..

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    This picture is of Cam destroying the world during a raging All In second encore at Brooklyn Bowl during Fall Tour. This was the third show I had seen with Cam in the band (after Bayley Beach and B.B. Kings). I had been listening to Fall Tour's first few stops up the East Coast (notably, Philly America the night before) and knew the band was taking off into new territory.. but Brooklyn Bowl was the moment in time for me when I stood there, drenched in dance sweat and rage glory, and thought HOLY CRAP, this kid is THE MF FUTURE!

    Following the show, I tracked Cameron down outside the tour bus to introduce myself and thank him for the amazing show. He was incredibly humble, gracious, and humorous. He complimented my Spafford shirt, then joked that no one had given him one yet. More on that later...

    That is my Cam photo. That is my Cam story. I'd love to hear yours.

  • I gave the band a few of my Remedy pins and Cam wore one on his hat for a good portion of the Fall 2017 tour. Here is a picture from Portland, ME! It was so cool to see! First time seeing Cam was at BB Kings and I was blown away with his performance. I knew he was a great fit once we got that Wind Rider recording!

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  • I first met him and saw him play at Mad Tea Party Jam 2017. It was a good show. Then I went home and almost died of dysentery.

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    @robAF luckily, you can’t kill crazy :)

  • Remember seeing some of the stream from Summercamp and thinking they sounded a bit "phishy-er" when Cam first started and was a little bummed - didn't hear much again until the BB Kings show and I was sold. Cam crushes it and has only gotten better as they go

    Heres a shot from BK Bowl and two from Asbury 18 - Both great shows




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    @dontjudgedave great shots! so bummed i missed that asbury show, not so much for the mind-melting Weasel but for those hot trashy slaps that were getting passed around. Damn!

  • @Johnny-Love definitely going to make some more trash slaps for Fall tour

  • My favorite Cam moment that I've captured is in Video form and without Spafford.. here he is sitting in with the Higgs on 2018-05-18.

    The Higgs - Kung Fu You – 17:15
    — DarKe Live

  • Cam is just some nasty shit, great pick up by Spafford

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