Fall Tour Thoughts/Rumors?

  • Thread in the Facebook group got me thinking, figured it'd be better to discuss on here

    Any Rumors for Fall Tour Dates?

    What would your ideal tour be?

    Id love to start seeing either some bigger places or more two night runs in places. Id love for another Philly -> NY run maybe a Night in Philly then two in NY. If they could make a Friday/Saturday work for both Philly and NY that'd be rad but would end up being a weird tour route to do two in one place then play shows during the week just to wrap back around to the other. Be sick though

  • A

    @dontjudgedave two week run at Bk Bowl would be nice, yes, please, and thank you

  • @Johnny-Love I could definitely get behind that

  • @dontjudgedave hoping for a 2 nighter in Burlington :)

  • Definitely need a bunch of two night runs

    How about:
    2xBurlington -> NH -> Maine -> RI -> 2xMA -> Albany -> CT -> 2xBK Halloween -> 2xPhilly -> Baltimore -> DC -> VA

    Then whatever else through the East Coast around through Texas and some Midwest love before ending tour on the West Coast like last year

    I like the idea of them doing NYE in AZ, would love to finally make it out there and getting out of the cold for NYE would be great. Is it warm enough in AZ for an outdoor show over NYE? A NYE Fest with them and a couple other bands would be sick

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