Red Rocks Lot Party?

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    Hey Nerds, I know a bunch of us are heading to Red Rocks next week. I'm heading up from the Springs via AZ and wondering what time everyone is getting to the lot? I'm guessing south lot is the best for a meet up. Who wants to fly the flag to let us know where to meet up?

  • Following. I don't have a flag, but we'll be in a sexy black van with cornhole, cocktails and blasting out some Spafford (of course). Y'all are welcome to swing on by.
    There was some talk about meeting up at one of the lots, but no consensus on which one. We're also going to head over there early-ish for pre-party
    Here's a map of Red Rocks area.
    I think we were hoping to shoot for Upper south lot as far up as we can go toward the front. I'll have my IKI slaps with me too! So freaking excited!

  • maybe we should post this up on the facebook page as well.

  • @Fine-Gina Upper South Lot should be doable because I'm sure everyone is getting there early. I'll be looking for you! I see you posted that to the FB so everyone is in the know. I think a few will be coming by bus from denver and those usually post up in the lower lot. See you there!

  • @Fine-Gina What time do you anticipate this meetup starting??

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