Answers to The Cam Quiz and Winner Announced!

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    Thank you to everybody who completed the Cam Quiz to help celebrate one year of drummer extraordinaire Mssr. Laforest!

    Congratulations to @Cody and @Nicole-Moss for tying for first place with 6 out of 12 correct answers. You both demonstrated superior knowledge of Cam's ice cream preferences and spirit animal designation as well as some more musically relevant facts. But, as well all know...

    THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! (Cue Highlander theme song)

    Based on a good ole fashioned coin toss, @Cody won the prize of a CD Copy of "For Amusement Only" with a limited edition Jon Rose mini print. Way to go, brother!

    Here is a recap of the questions and correct answers...

    1. What is Cam's favorite flavor of ice cream?

    2. If Cam wasn't a drummer, which instrument would he most want to play?

    3. T or F - Cam has performed Backdoor Funk more than he has Leave the Light On?

    4. Which was Cam's favorite sit-in?
      Joel Cummins from Umprhey's McGee

    5. What is Cam's middle name?
      Cameron. (For the record, I have no idea what his first name is.)

    6. How many song debuts has Cam performed (including originals and covers?)
      27 - In one year, folks. My God (My God)

    7. Which song has Cam played as many times as he is years old?
      Windmill (24)

    8. What is Cam's spirit animal?
      Wolf (Not sure if he ever gave this thought before we asked him, but there ya go.)

    9. How many U.S. States has Cam not yet performed in with Spafford?

    10. Who snores the loudest on the bus?
      Sweet Bob

    11. How many Spafford originals has Cam performed live?
      57 (Fifty-fucking-seven.)

    12. If Cam could hang out with one famous musician, living or dead, who would it be?
      Dave Grohl (In Cam's own words: "Foo Fighters was the band that trained me for drums. I would crank up my headphones and play along on the kit and that's how I learned to play.")

    Our unscored question was "Why is Cam the man?" Here are some of your answers:

    • That drumming stink face during sick jams

    • He drives the band to wonderful places

    • Beast on the drums, tight form. Never looks like he's not enjoying himself.

    • Total BAMF

    • Cam is a machine! It was so fun to see how much he changed from Canyon Jam to the VIP Globe hall show.

    • If you have to ask, you can't afford it.

    • Because Stone Cold said so!

    • Cuz he's gonna deliver one helluva drum solo at Red Rocks

    • All about how he holds it down and propels the jams

    • Because he controls everything! The jams can only go where he takes them ultimately. He’s the man because the jamz be hot when he’s in control!

    • got his chance and blast off

    • just listen to him play

    • Just because, no explanation

    • Drums, mostly. The rest is hats.

    • He's solid. And he swings like a motherfucker.

    • Cuz he always throws me drum sticks after the show.

    Alright, and some of the answers that just cracked my shit up:

    What is Cam's middle name?

    • Le
    • The Machine
    • hmmm
    • Johnson
    • Mofukin

    If Cam could hang out with one famous musician...?

    Why is Cam the man? (This question is un-scored, we just want to hear what you think.)

    • Why is Cam the man? (This answer is un-scored, I just want to hear what you think.)


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    @dontjudgedave @Nicole-Moss @Cody @603Brett @Mike-s-Unchained @mccuem @RadiantDarkness @themarbleamoeba @bee @MamaP @antmarriot @Eric @Rmaxwell26 @UncleEbeneezer @svand21 @pmac89 @BushCow

    apologies if i missed your handle because my brain is feeble
    thank you all for playing!!

  • So does this mean that Cam "Mofukin" Laforest doesn't want to hang out with me...or that I'm not a famous musician?

    Either way, ouch

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