Nerd Alert: Nugs Giveaway for Ticket Buyers

  • Nerds! To celebrate Tall Four and to promote the sale of tickets through we are giving away a pair of 1 year nugs subscriptions! This contest is a little bit different, and it applies to some retroactive actions you may have taken, so be sure to read on...

    We're offering (2) lucky winners a free, (1) year subscription to We've done this before and you guys know how it's done but this time is a little different.

    • There will be a total of (2) prizes given away.
      • (2) lucky winners will each receive a 1 year subscription to
    • The drawing will take place on Saturday, July, 14th at 12:00 PM Arizona Time
      • (This is subject to change if real life interferes. You will be notified ahead of time should the time of the drawing change.)
    • The drawing will be live streamed on the Spaffbase Facebook page
      • As soon as the live stream is completed we will post the video to our youtube channel and make it available on this thread.
    • Names will be placed in a list which will be randomized and numbered. A random number will be generated and the name which matches that number will be chosen as a winner.
    • This is not a fundraiser but you are always welcome to make a donation
      • Donation is not required to participate in the drawing. If you decide to donate, please post your donations to our paypal account.
    • You are ineligible to win if you have won one of these drawings within the last year.
    • You must claim your prize within one week of the drawing or it is forfeited.

    How Do I Enter?
    In order to enter you need to:

    • Log in to the site
    • Use the site to purchase tickets to the upcoming fall tour shows (or any shows that are onsale).

    If you are logged in, the site will track the shows that you click on to buy tickets. We will use that list in order to generate a list of entrants into the contest. For each show that you get tickets to you will get a single entry into the contest. You could, for example, have 10 entries if you buy a lot of tickets.

    But I already bought my tickets through spaffnerds
    That's okay! Entries into this contest are retroactive as of the day that tour was announced. We've already got a list and we'll simply use it to make sure you're entered into the contest. We will post that list shortly and you can verify your entries.

    But I wasn't logged in when I bought tickets
    Seriously though, just post a comment here and we'll give you 1 entry into the contest. That's the best we can do. If you bought like, 20 tickets through the site, maybe we can make an exception... maybe... ;P

    But I bought tickets elsewhere
    If you use this site, support it. Spread the word. Know for next time.

  • As of 7/15 @ 8:00AM MST here is the leaderboard. If you don't see your name listed and you bought tickets through the site just post a reply below.

    UserName Entries
    Johnny Love 7
    Cody 6
    BamBat 5
    Highervehicle 4
    Frito Pie 4
    FreshTracks 1
    Jimmy 2
    Mhaber88 2
    Trevor 3
    Acongalton 2
    Cass 2
    Dontjudgedave 2
    Jimipanic 2
    Mccuem 2
    robAF 2
    Skeerp 2
    SociableJimmy 2
    Thewperry 2
    Warren G Molden 2
    2muchmichele 1
    Bcibulka 1
    C_fred5 1
    ClanW 1
    DarKe Live 1
    DesertWook 1
    Gina Buckman 1
    Jmo 1
    Legend 1
    Lopez 1
    Mdjabber 1
    Robert Morin 1
    StankyMuffin 1
    UncleEbeneezer 1

  • Leader boards updated as of 7/4 @ 7:30 AM MST

  • Final update to leader boards: 7/15 @ 8:00 AM MST

    I know we said we'd end the contest at noon yesterday but I was busy being a human being with a life.

  • Congratulations to @skeerp and @mhaber88. You guys each won a year of nugs! Thanks for supporting the site!

    You've got 7 days to get in touch with me to claim your prize. Otherwise it's forfeit and will be donated to a random wook in CBGTWH.

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