NERD JAM & Brooklyn Meetup!

  • Nerds that play instruments!

    Was talking with @robAF on Facebook and thinking, if there is enough interest, it'd be cool to rent a rehearsal space for a few hours and have a Nerd jam before one of the Brooklyn shows. Would anyone be into it? I know Rob plays drums and I play sloppy guitar (and some bass)

    I'm going to ask around to some of my friends up here about a studio closer to the venue in BK but there are a few in the city that I go to regularly that all have a few guitar amps, bass amp, drum kit, keys, and PA - only issue I think would be where to store gear after the jam before the show but we can figure that all out later.

    Depending on how many people want to come and what studio we end up at would probably end up being like $15/person. Could be a lot of fun hang out with nerds all day, play some music, have some beers, all that good stuff

    Thoughts? We got plenty of time to set things up - I think most of the studios I go to usually dont book up on weekends until the week before

  • Hmmm...INNNNNteresting...I MAY be down for that. I'm a singer. :-) What day are you thinking?

  • @mdjabber I was thinking Saturday afternoon. I think most of the studios I know book in 3hr blocks starting at noon so there could be a 12-3 jam then we can all grab food and beers before heading in to rage sound check

    Waiting on word from some friends about a nice studio close to the venue that could maybe do better times or something

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