Brooklyn VIP event

  • Anyone know the format will be for Sunday? Probably stupid question, but I am flying up from Atlanta and can only miss one day of work to hang out with a buddy from college. He’s never seen Spafford do debating Fri/Sat or Sat/Sun I know I will pay more for VIP if I do sat/sun.. will the Sunday show be a regular 2 set show? I’ll hang up and listen. Thanks.

  • I dont think they've announced anything as of yet. Looks like the only way to see the Sunday show is to get the 3 day VIP though, they arent doing single day VIP tickets.

    My guess would be a regular two set show + soundcheck but I'm sure they've got something a little extra for the VIP show too

  • Last year in Denver it was a three set show for VIP. Not sure if they will follow the same format, but you can expect that they will treat the smaller crowd to something very special. I do believe Judge is right, in that you have to purchase Fri/Sat to get into Sunday. If I was in your boat I’d probably go with Saturday.

  • @Pdaddy55 Did you end up pulling the trigger on this?

  • @603Brett yeah buddy! All 3 nights taboot

  • Anyone get the email on the deets for the VIP stuff next week. Looking forward to these shows!

  • @tiny_salamander I got an email to submit a question for the Q&A portion of VIP. I believe it said there will be another email with all the details in a couple days.

    Venue: Music Hall of Williamsburg
    Check-In: 4:00 PM - 5:45 PM directly inside of the venue
    Soundcheck: 6:00 PM - 7:15 PM
    Doors to the Public: 7:30 PM
    Show Time: 8:30 PM

    Please be sure to arrive at check-in no later than 5:45 PM on Friday. Check-in is where you will receive your signed event poster and exclusive merchandise gift.

    Note: Merchandise not picked up on-site during the above check-in hours cannot be shipped at a later time.

    Once the soundcheck concludes, you will be permitted to stay inside of the venue to catch a great spot to watch the show.

    Venue: Music Hall of Williamsburg
    Check-In: 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM directly inside of the venue
    Q&A Session: 6:45 PM - 7:15 PM
    Doors Open to the Public: 7:30 PM
    Show Time: 8:30 PM

    Please arrive by 6:30 PM on Saturday for the Q&A Session. Once the Q&A Session concludes, you will be permitted to stay inside of the venue to catch a great spot to watch the show.

    Venue: Rough Trade
    Meet & Greet/Photo Opportunity: 7:00 PM
    Performance: 8:00 PM

    Please arrive at Rough Trade no later than 6:45 PM on Sunday for the VIP-only concert with Spafford. The Meet & Greet will take place at approximately 7:00 PM and will be followed by the VIP-only performance.

    We can't wait to see you there!
    -Your friends at CID Entertainment

  • Trying to buy these VIP tix please tell me it’s not sold out.

  • And if yes. If anyone on here has connections to the band and could help that would be great. Just need 2 for the weekend.

  • I don’t even care for the cool swag I just want in the building for Sunday. I mean the stuff would be nice but I’m flying up from Atlanta just need in to jam. Thanks.

  • Anyone have any idea if I can show up late to check-in on Friday? If I rush after work I'm still looking at getting there like 545-6 and it says no later than 545...tried emailing CID but haven't gotten a response. Anyone show up late to the Denver VIP last fall?

    EDIT: CID responded to me

    Thanks for reaching out to us! Yes, you will still be able to redeem the items in your package. We do expect our on-site staff to be available past check-in times, possibly up until 6:30pm. However, if check-in is not open once you arrive your merchandise will be available for pick-up on Saturday and your credentials for the VIP viewing area will be available at the box office.

  • Looking forward to my first real Spafford shows. I saw them at a festival but I feel like this is a band you need to see 2 sets of to get the real show. Any meet ups or events going on preshow? Will be attending these shows on my own.

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