Brooklyn VIP event

  • Anyone know the format will be for Sunday? Probably stupid question, but I am flying up from Atlanta and can only miss one day of work to hang out with a buddy from college. He’s never seen Spafford do debating Fri/Sat or Sat/Sun I know I will pay more for VIP if I do sat/sun.. will the Sunday show be a regular 2 set show? I’ll hang up and listen. Thanks.

  • I dont think they've announced anything as of yet. Looks like the only way to see the Sunday show is to get the 3 day VIP though, they arent doing single day VIP tickets.

    My guess would be a regular two set show + soundcheck but I'm sure they've got something a little extra for the VIP show too

  • $$$

    Last year in Denver it was a three set show for VIP. Not sure if they will follow the same format, but you can expect that they will treat the smaller crowd to something very special. I do believe Judge is right, in that you have to purchase Fri/Sat to get into Sunday. If I was in your boat I’d probably go with Saturday.

  • $$$

    @Pdaddy55 Did you end up pulling the trigger on this?

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