Show of the Month Club: September's Show - 9/16/2015

  • Happy September everybody! We had two votes in our August show of the month for this tasty looking one-setter as our September show. And it's a soundboard on Archive, so always a plus.

    Give it a listen and tell us what you think. If you were there, which at least 6 of you were according to the show page, give us the low down on this one.

    Boulder, CO @ Fox Theatre
    Set 1
    Virtual Bean Dip, Bee Jam > Windmill, America > The Remedy > The Reprise > America, Funkadelic > Dis Go In 5? > Beautiful Day

    Red's Jam > All In

  • This show was part of a run with PPPP around the Dicks '15 weekend. 9/6 was a lightly attended afternoon show, and the band came out firing. The entire set is great, and highlights for me are the Windmill (best ever imo), the America segment, and the first ever Red's Jam (started as Brian was replacing a string). Another must listen if you haven't already.

    alt text

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