Help Geoff Johnson (Red's Brother) with his Medical Bills

  • In the end we're a community, maybe even a family, and we help our own. Geoff Johnson, Red's brother, has been facing some daunting medical issues. He's a single father and a teacher in the state of Arizona. Let's help him out by contributing what we can to a GoFundMe which has been setup to deal with his medical bills. Every little bit helps, so even if you've got $5 to throw in, go for it.

    Spaffnerds has made a donation to support Geoff thanks, in part, to your merch purchases and past donations. The money we have is here to support the community and we see no better way than lending a hand to our friend. Geoff's a great guy and I know he'll pull through this with grace and gusto. You can find out more here:

  • Thank you!!

  • @damian Just donated. Really so awesome to see the community come together in this kind of situation

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    This is what I love about being a Spaffnerd... there is so much love and goodwill in our community. Thanks for posting this, Damian, and for the generous donation from to help Geoff and his family through this tough stretch. I'm all in.

    Love's the common binding :)

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