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  • Since forming in January 2017, Baked Shrimp has broken into the Long Island and NYC jam scene. This past summer the band embarked on an 18-show Summer Tour which took them on the road to perform at well-known venues across the Northeast, where they opened for artists such as the Brandon "Taz" Niederauer Band, Electric Love Machine, Formula 5, and more.

    Baked Shrimp also challenged themselves this Summer with a 5-night residency at a local venue on Long Island, also known as "The Five Night Special." Every Tuesday night, the band performed 2 sets, alongside an opener who they would handpick for each show, and every single night had a "special set" with a theme. Examples are: Fresh Shrimp (all new songs), Grilled Shrimp (original songs restyled), All You Need is Shrimp (all Beatles tunes), etc. With each week they built more steam, and retained a devoted audience for all 5 nights.

    In March of 2018 the band released their first official album titled "Feast of Delight." This album put front and center a distinct 90's indie vibe, and has a song for everyone. Feast of Delight showcases all of Baked Shrimp's various styles and genres in 60 minutes. Songs such as "Toast with Tea" and "Fumes" reveal the radio-friendly, catchy, pop songs that the band has to offer, whereas "The Manatee" and "Dick Turk" dive deep into extended jam territories. Feast of Delight also does not hide the multi-part compositions with numbers such as "Four Horses and "Chimera." Even Baked Shrimp's folksy side is on display with the early released single, "Orpheus," which features a Piano solo performed by Ben Pinnola. Feast of Delight is a feast for all to enjoy.

    Although "Feast of Delight" was recorded with their previous drummer. The band joined forces with their current drummer, Jager Soss, in March of 2018. Jager has played alongside with artists such as George Porter Jr., Butch Trucks, Brandon Niederauer, Kenny Brooks, and more.

    Upcoming Tour Dates:

    10/12/18 - Parish Public House - Albany, NY
    10/13/18 - The Spleen - Oneonta, NY
    10/26/18 - Riverside Barbeque Company - Nashua, NH
    10/31/18 - Railroad Inn - Valley Stream, NY
    11/24/18 - The Bitter End - New York, NY (Post-Lotus)
    12/08/18 - Mercury Lounge - New York, NY w/ Taz

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    Baked Shrimp w/ Taz "Rocky Raccoon" -
    Baked Shrimp -- Little Chameleon:
    Baked Shrimp -- The Manatee (20 min):
    Baked Shrimp -- Interview and Salmon:

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