10/6/18 HoB

  • I’ve only seen Spafford a handful of times.
    I’ve been a fab since 2012. Lets hear some opinions ions of this show?

    I thought it was fantastic. The first set was faboulous.

    All in was magic.
    Second set kept the energy up wihich different from the previous night I feel.
    Over 9/10 show imho

  • Haha been a fab nice drunk spelling you jackass

  • Sadly, I didn't get the chance to attend. Waiting patiently for the Nugs release or @lubage to post his recording.

  • All in was so dope.

    Mind's Unchained also dope.

    The whole show was awesome both nights took me to another dimension of soundspace.

  • The Weasel was absolutely incredible. That was the kind of Weasel I've been waiting for since Cam got on board. Really hope he continues to bring that filthy eDrum to the song.

    Also on a side note: I was really happy to hear it without Palisades to break it up. I hope this trend continues for fall tour (don't completely ditch Palisades, but it doesn't ALWAYS need to happen).

  • @Lopez Thanks for posting recordings of the show man. I've been re-living the weekend all day at work. and yes Weasel was so good!

  • Such a sick show. The it's a bunch > mind's unchained opener was a nasssty combo and they rode it for AGES. The rest of set 1 was about all I could ever ask for in life. Topped off with that heavy second set including a 20 minute LTLO. SOLID

    Here's a cool pic my buddy snapped (I was lost in the sauce)


    And don't sleep on 10/5. So funky. The sax brought ain't that wrong to a whole new level. Face absolutely melted per usual. Strong start to fall tour.
    I love this band

  • The 10/5 recording that @lubage pulled is outstanding. I'm sure the nugs recording will be great when it comes out but there's no reason to wait on it.

    Great stuff Dave!

  • 10/5 didn’t do it for me as much actually.
    Don’t get me wrong, that ATW w/ sax was effing phenomenal. Red’s>Postman was great. I thought they really brought some energy in the first set but it tapered off in the second.
    I’m also old and have a job now so I might have just been too sleepy 🤨

  • Fantastic lights btw too. So hypnotic at times.

    Can’t wait for a koala-T aud to really give it a listen.

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