Nashville pre-show meet up!

  • To all those in Nashville or coming to Nashville for the show on the 18th. A few of us will be meeting up at The Crying Wolf, 1 block from the Basement East, at 6:00 for a pre-show get together. Come, bring friends. I hope to get to meet some of you!!!

  • Boom...bringing a local singer/songwriter friend...see you there!!! Thanks!

  • @mdjabber of course Jabber has a local friend! Have fun kids!

  • @mccuem Seriously...I always do!!

  • $

    I’ll be there! Off work at 5 and just gonna head straight to the Wolf. Got several friends coming that I convinced to attend the Mercy Lounge show last time. Also got some folks coming (to the show at least) that have never seen Spafford before. Love watching new faces melt.

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