New Spaffnerd Question - How has the band changed/progressed over time?

  • I hopped on the Spafford bus pretty recently here ever since they completely blew me away at 420fest. Since then I've been to a few more shows and have had some great experiences. I'm just curious to know how old is Spafford? Not as in years since formation, but moreso like where are they as a band? Interested to hear from guys that have been in the scene for a while and have gotten the chance to watch the band progress over the years

  • It all started back in 2009-10 with Brian and Jordan doing open mics in Prescott, and in 2011-12 evolved into the format that Spafford is today.

    I started seeing them at the Sail Inn and other AZ bars in 2013, and this is when they started getting known locally. 2014 was a big growth year, expanding out as a regional touring band around the West Coast and Southwest.

    2015 may personally still be my favorite year seeing the band. They played some notable shows including in Colorado and Vegas that helped get them more noticed on the national stage. 2016 started off a bit slow, but in the Fall played their first shows in Chicago and the Midwest, and then their first East Coast shows on NYE after Phish in NYC (also first time they didn't play AZ for New Years).

    They rode that momentum into 2017 and played some bigger festivals (starting with Summer Camp), and really started touring full time on the national scene. In the spring of 2017, Nick left the band and Cam came on board, giving us the band as we know it today. 2018 expanded on that, playing basically all the national festivals this summer and continuing to grow considerably with their sound and fanbase.

    2019 starts with Jamcruise, and I think we should only expect things to keep going as they have been. The band is passionate about delivering great shows each night, and constantly progressing as musicians. We've developed a great community around this band, and that gives them all the more motivation to keep going. Glad to have you here, hold on for the ride!

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