So, that funky Weasel...

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    Maybe some of my favorite music I've heard this band make. As much as I love the untz, that song translated so damn well. The salsa-funk of the opening section and the jam. And how well the subdued playing brought out the emotive side of the tune's ending riff. Really stellar musicianship.

  • Working on that show right now. I love when they do acoustic sets. They're so good and it's such a great treat for the VIP crowd.

    There's also this funky weasel too, of which there is video. Check it out if you haven't seen it before.

  • Was pumped when they went into this, remember really enjoying that live studio version. Cant wait to listen back to this whole show

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    I frickin love Spafford unplugged. They sound so good on wood and it’s captivating to watch them use their musical skills and expressiveness to work around the absence of effects. This Delaney > Plans is top tier Spaff ... Ima keep liStening for a while

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