• I was in Austin for the show on Tuesday, so I didn't get to make an anniversary thread for this, but I'm going to make it late because it's deserved. If you've never watched this performance, you're in for a ride, and if you have, well, you should probably watch it again.

    Watching this last year was probably the single biggest thing that put me over the top with this band. I love everything about it...but the 50-minute jam to start is where it's at.

    10/23/17 or Echo Sessions 37 - Spafford - Full Show – 1:50:01
    — Iam AVL

  • I think most of the plays on the video are from me...there was a while I was watching it like every weekend. Love the Echo Jam

  • I was there in the studio. It was quite the experience. Hoping they do another one when they are in town next week.

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