• Here’s a Nugs playlist I put together from October. 17 shows in 31 days...pretty awesome. Came out to 30 songs and just under 8 hours for the playlist.

    What were everyone’s favorite shows, sets, jams?

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    @GeorgeBailey nice playlist! Hard question. Billy burg N1 is my favorite of the 2 I saw and in the running for favorite anyway ... the serene remedy, the purest filth soil, the rocking Stevie, the funky delic in the first set.. the raging postman, worry free Hollywood, disco dope Weasel second set... so good.

    But Burlington, weird and lopsided as its sets are, might be my favorite. I really dig the level of exploration and experimentation they brought ... and that evil Plans is magnificent

  • @Johnny-Love Love both of those shows. The Burlington Dream Jam and Plans are two of my most listened to over the last month. It was a good month for Soil, but agree that 10/12 takes the top prize.

    Sort of odd, but for the second year in a row, I think Austin is going to end up being the most underrated show of the fall. Set 2 from 11/4/17 is one of my all-time favorites and rarely gets the attention it deserves. And now, 10/23/18 is going down the same road. The opening 32 minute It's a Bunch just has so many beautiful, moving sections...I can listen to it every day and not get tired of it. I'm poking the hornet's nest here, but it has some of the same qualities as the last 10 minutes of the Bethel Waves soundcheck (Phish). Just that "sit and think about life" music...was happy to be 3 feet from Brian as they played that version. There is a pretty funny picture floating around from that show where I'm holding my wife's hand while staring at him in awe during it.

    Great month of Spafford all around!

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