Nugs... how much does the band actually get?

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    Nugs has been broken on my phone for several months now – I can't create playlists to download tracks, so all I can use the service for is streaming the shows. Their customer support have simply stopped answering my emails.

    How much does the band actually get from this service? What percentage do they get if I buy a show for download? I'm tired of Nugs and want to support the band directly.

    I can think of much better models, like Patreon, where I could pay the band directly and get the shows..

  • I can't comment on the band's deal with nugs (because I don't know anything about it :) ) but it is, at present, the best way to financially support them, beyond buying tickets and going to see the shows.

    I suppose, in theory, you could always make a donation to the band. Maybe start a "Go Fund Me" and collect money and donate it to them.

    If you're having issues with the Nugs app I encourage you to reach out to Nugs. They're a professional company and I'm sure they'll reply in a timely manner with some kind of response.

  • Oh you could also play their spotify content on repeat. I'm sure they get paid from that too :)

  • And watch anything they stream. High viewer counts will convince more and bigger clubs to book them.

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