Late to the party, where do I start?

  • What up y'all! I went on JamCruise this year and had never seen Spafford before. Long story short, I fell hook, line, and sinker for this powerhouse quartet. Both of their performances were so damn good I couldn't believe it. How am I just now getting into this band? They hit all the notes I want to hear, have strong lyrical content, and their jams are creative in a way that only a few bands have ever been, imo. I can't tell you how stoked I am that there is a new (to me ) band on the scene that brings me this much excitement. Thank you Spafford for creating music that makes me FEEL SOMETHING. Haven't been this excited about a band since I first saw UM over 15 years ago.

    Anyways, any of you have suggestions for stand-out shows/songs I can find on nugs or elsewhere? Im diving in headfirst into the catalogue and a little direction would be greatly appreciated. See ya'll on tour, for years to come!

  • I'd usually go into some drawn out post listing a bunch of 2015 songs and whatnot, but I really think you should just listen to the newest shows. There are standout jams in every set. Check out the last Tucson or Phoenix runs on Nugs. They're as good as they've ever been, so it's a good time to get on board!

  • Just recently found these guys when they popped up on a 'Discover Weekly' playlist on Spotify.

    I have been listening to Dave Matthews Band for years and have been fairly involved in their community and have fallen in love with the taping of shows and listening to live fan recordings.

    It seems as though you guys here have built yourselves a community very much like that and I'm glad I've discovered the band and your community. I'm looking forward to making my way through the shows and boards here!

  • Start with the NYE run shows. With the exception of one year in NYC, they have done them in hometown of PHX. 2017 was in a small club for 3 nights with about 350 people sold out all 3 nights. 2018 was at a larger 1500 capacity venue for 2 nights with over 1000 each night easy. Those 5 shows are the best Spafford shows I have ever seen or heard and I listen to them all and have been to several others. Just something about the home town love. The reason you like them, IMO, is that this really is the only "jazz" based Jam Band out there. It is like if Steely Dan played 20 min songs. It is easy on the ears always. Also, no band brings out such a variety of covers as Spafford. Anyway, that is just me. Bottom line is listen to the shows. You will get even more addicted and you are in when they are young and playing smaller venues. They truly are incredible and I see everybody and these guys are my fav.

  • @spaffordreviews I'll definitely go give those shows a listen, thank you! I like their music that they've released, but you're right, I've listened to NYE run they just did in PHX and the live stuff is just monstrous. It's fantastic.

  • You have to hear the LA show from last Fall, especially the palindrome second set. It really doesn't get much better in my opinion.

  • The LA show Fall tour was also stellar. Good one.

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