Dirt Bath

  • What are the opinions on Dirt Bath. Hopefully we are treated to plenty more 20+ minute versions, as each section is extremely unique and full of jam potential. This is potentially one of my favorite compositions they have along with Postman and Its a Bunch. I’m excited to hear the evolution of Dirt Bath

  • It's an epic piece which needs to really be listened to and digested. I'm only, at this point, through one full listen. I can't hum it for you yet and I don't know the movements. I'm sure we'll see it again. I look forward to it.

  • of the new bunch of songs, that's the one I'll be gunning for at my next show. They can easily send this one into the stratosphere, if they so please. Curious to see how the next renditions shape out.

    Many of my friends need dirt baths to clean themselves now and again.

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    Stoked to hear them doing some big, complex pieces like this. This might actually be their most ambitious piece in this style. I think it has more movements than Todd's, Windmill, All In, or LTLO. Pretty sure they're still refining it too – a few transitions were kinda fuzzy in DC, at least compared to their usual robotic precision.

    Sick tune. Let's hear it in Oregon :)

  • I loved it seeing it live and really heard all the different sections on a relisten and am really digging it. Really looking forward to them playing it a few more times to get a better idea of what is/isn't composed and if anything changes now that they've debuted it live

    I think @robAF mentioned talking to Brian about it after the show and he said they've been working on the song for around two years prior to the debut. Can imagine they are really pumped with all the love it's been getting since the show

  • Not actively working on it for 2 years, just in development for that long. The band was actively working on it for several good months though. It's got a ton of parts to it as @damian mentioned. It's a lot to remember and get down. I'm super impressed by it.

  • Who will win the Dirt Bath sweepstakes this weekend? Got to imagine it's coming back out in one of these 4 shows...and everybody's waiting for it this time.

    Edit: Well that sweepstakes ended with the quickness.

  • @GeorgeBailey everybody gets a Dirt Bath!

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