We just Pizza Jammed . . .

  • $$$

    I don't know why, but after hearing the phrase "Pizza Jam" over and again in the community, I never sought it out . . . until Sunday on the road from Colorado to Phoenix. We were nearly home and looking for a perfect 30 min jam to round out the trip. In the past, Tahoe Tweezer would have filled the gap, but we tried out Pizza Jam instead. HOLYFUCKINGSHIT. Amazing. We took turns making faces of the people in the pizza parlor who were being introduced to Spafford, over dinner, via that jam that night. It is beautiful and wild. A work of art. Good job, boys.

  • @Melinda-A.-Thomas Yeah, I can't say enough about it... right? That's some deep, heady shit. Sashi called me up after that show and was totally pouring love for it all over me. I hadn't yet "HEARD" Spafford (see my post over here for more on that subject) so I was kind of whatever. But man... yeah... Pizza JAM!!!!!!!!

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