Fall Tour shows??

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    OK nerds..
    now that fall tour has been announced..
    what shows are you hitting??
    me personally.. I am hoping the midwest dates that were posted on Jambase (and later removed) are true..
    1 Indy show (BlueBird), 2 MI shows (Blind Pig & Pyramid), and 1 WI show..
    if they are NOT true (meaning they dont get announced after Electric Forest) then that means i will be attending a big, fat, ZERO shows this fall.. which makes me sad..
    But anywhoo.. lets hear what shows ur hitting..

  • Ithaca, Albany, and Portland (ME)! So pumped!

  • Already have tickets for 3 Colorado dates: Mishawaka, Ogden, and Globe Hall VIP

    Have to figure out travel arrangements but will most likely be going to: Baltimore, Philly, and Brooklyn!

  • $$$

    As of now I am doing Charlottesville, Baltimore, Philly, and State College, but also considering doing Brooklyn as well. New Orleans for Halloween would be awesome, but I give myself about a 1% shot of actually making it down there?

  • 6up

    i just bought 2 for the State College PA show.. just in case them Midwest dates never become a reality.. at least I can make it to one show this fall.. somethings better than nothing at this point.. (keeping fingers crossed for that midwest run tho)..

  • $

    Officially have tickets purchased for most of the northeast run. 10/1 and 10/3,4,5,6,7,8! The current plan is to use all 7 of said tickets, heres hoping all the stars align for me :)

  • I'm going to everything in CO. Used up my unclaimed vacation time for Wind Rider. This tour would be so much fun to follow. Jealous of you guys hitting multiple states.

  • Going to try to swing Nola>Daze. Just gotta see what Biscuit rumors come to fruition for the fall before I commit to any shows not on the West Coast.

  • $$$

    I bought the VIP tix and my wife picked up the Flagstaff tix (of course). Wish I could do more, but I'm not quite ready to abandon my kids yet.

  • $$$

    I would bet on at least a few Midwest shows in the winter. The jam scene is really oriented to the coasts though huh? And Colorado. Colorado seems to fill in for the entire middle of the country.

  • 6up

    Fingers crossed for anything in the midwest being added.. not much comes up into MI anymore.. kinda sucks..

  • Hopefully they add a Phoenix show...

  • Tickets bought for Brooklyn Bowl and mothafunkin HULAWEEN!
    Spirit of Suwannee MP is absolutely gorgeous and just has a real magic feel to it that gets cranked to 10000 when Hula is on. Plus I get to watch these dudes kill it with my Florida friends who have been hearing me talk about Spafford since 12/30.
    Until then I'm just biding my time till Great South Bay Music Festival. Third Spaff show and first time seeing Gov't Mule. Gonna be big fun!

  • $$$

    First ticket came today!

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