Had a great time in Knoxville last night!!

  • The band was on fire!! Nerds everywhere but it wasn't sold out. Now that I'm into being a Spaffnerd, I need to get the word out locally. Lucky for me, Grout picked me for the taper spot. Check out my recording- I just put it up. I also was able to grab 1 set video. I'm trying to upload it to YouTube now and have about 2 hours of rending before it's ready. Spafford's stage manager came up to me and told me that because of Nuggs, etc., they aren't going to be allowing video much in the future. I showed him what I had (iPhone with a Foxtex interface) and he said go ahead. Just a head's up though for others wanting to video. I grabbed a few shots of the band and Chris, Spafford's sound guy so I'm including them here!
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • 0_1551407395798_Chris the Sound Guy.jpg
    0_1551407419113_Spafford Knoxville Feb 27b 2019.jpg
    0_1551407478689_Spafford Knoxville Feb 27 2019.jpg

  • Thanks TennDave! Good times, great show. Can't wait to check the recording. Preesh!

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