Why aren't we discussing how amazing the 3/32/17 show from Houston?

  • The On Fire alone makes this a special gem of the show. Huge type ii blissful major key jam in the middle is out of control. In addition, the early Walls has one of the funkiest intros I've ever heard the ensuing Backdoor Funk dig deep with dark and evil jam. The rest of the show doesn't suck but holy shit this first half is certifiably out of control.

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    I had downloaded this right before the FoCo/Bluebird shows and forgot about it so thanks for the reminder.

    Funkadelic is always a welcomed start to the show. Very laid back and chill. Gives everyone a moment to forget the tumults of the day and really sink into the music.

    The band didn't bother to stop and just crashed right into a solid Walls jam prior to the initial lyrics! Solid way to kick that song into gear from second 0.

    BDF def kicks into high gear for a few minutes there. Seems like they were still on UM time and forgot they could blast that baby another 10 minutes :P

    Mid-set Beautiful day... if you take the 1st 4 songs, they actually played a perfect 4 song opening UM set :) <--- I talked to Red during LEL shows and he did mention it took the band a show or two to realize they didn't need to cram everything into 45 minutes anymore. He was saying it more in jest, but there was some truth to it.

    On Fire jam follows same path of BDF - band gets down to business and hits a wonderful groove that builds to a wonderful crescendo. Interesting it's only 9 minutes. Band keeping things tight for its new audiences, which I'm not complaining about, just observing. If they can build a peak like that and leave everyone blissed out in <10 minutes, why NOT?!?

    Slip and Squander is a great way to close a set. Chuck's lyrics, Red's amazing voice and then Brian going to ShredTown...

  • I'm downloading this now. Will give it a listen ASAP.

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