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    Spafford and Cameron LaForest have decided to go their separate ways. We will cherish the memories we shared and we wish him our very best in the future.
    We’re excited to announce the return of our founding band member, drummer Nick Tkachyk. After his 2 year hiatus, Nick is resuming his position on the throne and is back to bring the heat! Our first gig with him will be the late night Jazz Fest show. See y’all in New Orleans!

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    Make Spafford Untz Again

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  • @bburke8 said in Cam out/Nick in:

    Is this real?

    I believe so, yes

  • Sadly, there was something clearly afoot at the Roanoke show. Brian was on Cam throughout the show, on at least 3 occasions turning to him and yelling at him about tempo. Definitely put a strange vibe on that show, in addition to the band having to deal with massive sound issues throughout the show (constantly asking for sound adjustments).

    As soon as the show ended, Cam came out and appeared very (overly?) thankful to the crowd, and It made me wonder if this was it; turns out it was.

    Was kinda sad to see it go down like that. Hope the band rises up, stronger.

  • @Logjammin I was listing to some older shows recently and the tempo back a few years ago was much slower than it is now. I wonder if it was getting to quick.

  • Ironically, it seemed the opposite as at least one time Brian was urging him to pick up the pace.

    Like I said not sure what the core issue was, but it was obvious that it was playing out right in front of us. Sad, I wish Cam the best of luck. I have one of his sticks from the 2/14/19 show at Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro NC and enjoyed his drumming with the band.

  • Interesting. I really enjoyed what Cam was doing and being on the east coast, I saw him quite a bit more than Nick. Looking forward to hearing the difference this summer

  • based on cam’s post today it seems like there’s no other conclusion to draw other than he got done dirty.

    sucks for him and pretty disappointing to see happen to the guy who kept them going when nick took his “hiatus,” as the guitarist put it.

  • @Night-Train
    it all seems pretty fucking awful and definitely makes me sad. It has been a very long time since a band caught my interests and attention in the way that Spafford has over the past two years and I hate how this all seems like it went down. Definitely seems pretty fucking far from amicable.

  • This make me sad too. My first show was in 2017 not long after Cam joined. I was immediately taken by how good they sounded. I listened to the older stuff, and I just have to say, I thought the band got better when he arrived. More interesting beats, more up-tempo, more dynamic. I don't know what the "untz" is or was, but you veteran nerds can let me have it if I'm wrong. Was supposed to go to the MPLS show in Jan that was postponed and now it's happening with a different drummer. I hope he can carry the same energy that I heard from Cam the last two years, but I'm not gonna lie, I didn't think the band was on the same level. Still love their music, and I'll find out how the new/old band sounds in person in a couple weeks at the rescheduled show.

  • @stunkndroned

    Ya, Cam made the band better.

  • Saw Nick for the first time say he was impressive would be a complete understatement. Wow!

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