Fall tour show you're most excited for?

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    For me it would have to be the October 11th show at the State Theatre in State College, PA. The venue is an 80 year old re purposed movie theater, and should provide a great setting of for a killer Wednesday night show. As the band grows in popularity, we should see them play more headlining shows in theatres/clubs instead of bars, so it should be interesting to see how it affects their sound. If all goes according to plan, this will be my fourth show of the tour, and possibly my last of the year, unless they announce some more east coast dates

  • By far, the Brooklyn Bowl, NY show. If you aren't from the area it's hard to explain the significance of this club. Shapiro's flagship of the BB empire brings back memories of the Wetlands, not because the venues are the same in appearance, they aren't, but because the energy and atmosphere has the same sense of 'things to come.'

    Having seen a number of JRAD shows at BB I can speak to the intimacy and the excitement of the venue. Having Spafford play there, and headlining a Saturday night too, is an amazing feeling. I know the scene and the people in Brooklyn are going to explode when they hear our boys play.

  • @damian The Brooklyn Bowl is such a fantastic venue, I was luckily enough to see Bustle in Your Hedgerow there a few years back. Anything the Duo does is just incredible.

    As far as fall tour, the Denver shows are what I'm most looking forward too. I just saw the Biscuits at the Ogden and despite people's complaints about the venue I had an absolutely fantastic time and the sight lines and sound behind the soundboard are perfect. Not to mention I have a lot of friends in Denver so just getting out west and seeing everyone adds something special to the trip.

  • @Chris-Ogor-Lopez It may be more realistic that I make it to Ogden. The flights are shorter from AZ after all and I'm no longer just an uber ride to the Bowl. But if I've got the $$ I'll be at the Brooklyn show.

    And dude, Marco and Joe are absolutely mind boggling musicians.

  • Hard to pick the one that I'm most excited for.... but I'd have to say the Ithaca show. That will be the first show of the run for me, and Ithaca is just a beautiful town. We are planning on camping out for the weekend and doing some waterfall hikes and stuff, so I think that will be awesome! I would love to get a bunch of people to camp together at a campground to share the experience, but, I haven't seen too many people in the group that will be going to that one!

    Otherwise, Portland, ME will be cool because I haven't been to that city before. We just took our first trip to Maine (Acadia National Park) and it was spectacular, so I'm excited to go back there - and to see Spafford of all things. Then the next night is Albany, that show will be crazy because it is literally inside of a mall, ~20 minutes away from my hometown, so hopefully we can get a bunch of friends and family to join us. I'm mostly just excited that I get to catch three shows this time around!

  • Nashville! Because I'm finally going to get to see this amazing band!!

  • Out of the 6 shows I'm currently on board for, Mishawaka is what I'm most excited for! We have ~12 of us at an AirBNB all with VIP tickets. I've never been to the venue and it looks absolutely stunning. I've only seen Spafford outdoors one other time (McDowell) so having high hopes of them melting an outdoor sound system too!

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    @damian there's an outside chance I do
    The BB show, it's just such a hassle getting up getting up to NYC from Baltimore. But the last Brooklyn show was alot of fun so I may make my way up there again

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    @Chris-Ogor-Lopez the Denver shows should be awesome, I really wish I could make it out there for them. That VIP show should be something else

  • @myanruth that's going to be a last minute add on for me. I know I'm going to make it but I haven't made a plan yet.

    I'm hoping the trip from AZ will be cheap enough to justify it. But we'll see.

  • I'm going to cheat and say the Canyon Jam at Mishawaka Amphitheatre. This place is incredible and I've been wanting Spafford to play there for years! Last time I was there was 2010 for Lotus and it was amazing. I haven't been in so long because there hasn't been a band worth the trouble of getting and staying there. The road to The Mish is very dangerous, I'd highly recommend the shuttle or other accommodations close to the venue. Camping is sparse, I'm thinking about going up early to claim a spot. It will be first come, first serve on all campsites that time of year.
    This spot, to me, is better than any other venue in the country. It is the epitome of a Colorado outdoor concert; scenic, intimate and everybody getting crazy. Seeing my favorite band at my favorite venue is going to be very special. If your a Spaffnerd, do yourself a favor and come to this show/festival.

  • @ke11en_it ... More like "sellin' it."

    I need to make this happen.

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    @damian Damn AZ? I guess I should stop complaining about MD being too far haha. Well hopefully we both make it up there, this three month wait for tour to start is gonna suck lol

  • @damian Ha! Guess I did. Wish they were playing two sets, but it will still be great.

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    @ke11en_it I really wish they were doing two nights so I could start to justify flying out there for it haha

  • @myanruth Me too! Hopefully they can do that someday.

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    @ke11en_it that would be awesome, that venue looks incredible

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