Lost the Momentum?

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    Does anyone else feel like the band really lost their momentum with the drummer change? I feel like they were really on an upward trajectory and the wind has really left the sails - there seems to be very little excitement around the band on social media, this place is dead, just in general all of the momentum seems to have faded...

  • I'm not sure I would go there yet. It doesn't help they've only played 5 shows in the last two months. I would say that's more of a momentum killer than the lineup chance. Time will only tell with that. I rather wait for some more time to pass to make that claim.

  • this summer will be fire. relax.

  • I'm not worried one bit, Nick brings it.

  • I agree that the momentum feels to have slowed, but they're coming off a 37 show winter tour and a change-up in the drummer seat.

    Naturally, there will be a little quietness during the break between spring and summer, so once they put together another tour where they get to play 2 sets each night, then things will really heat up... or so I hope.

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    Pretty sure it's just fewer shows lately. The band sounds great.

  • thought Fenway 1 was a bit lackluster to be honest. wasnt feeling it.

  • Man I couldn’t possibly express enough praise for Sunday nights performance. Absolutely levitating off the charts energy. Goose bumps all night long. Bravo. Bravo

    Can’t wait till Thurs!!

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