Delayed release of shows on Nugs

  • Anyone know when the July shows will be released on Nugs? Seems to be slower than usual.

  • I don’t have any official info, but this is my observational reply...the Summer Vacation Tour is aptly named. Most or all of the guys seem to be fitting in some family/downtime in between shows, and the tour itself is very laid back. Between enjoying the downtime and being on the move/relying on shaky WiFi...I think it’s just not a priority at the moment. Let’s give the guys a chance to enjoy playing together, recharge the batteries and take the time to process the shows and give us the best quality recordings possible.
    I know not everyone enjoys aud recordings, but the tapers are out there and have been trying to fill the gaps for now. We’ve been pretty spoiled in the past with the quick releases, but it will be worth the wait. Hang in there!

  • Thanks Brett and understood! 😎

  • meh...kinda annoying.
    I don't think the upload to nugs is costing the band time.
    Release the crispy boards!

  • M

    @brink I believe it's the mixing, which Jordan does himself, that would be the time sink.

  • Hmmm...didn't realize that.

    Anyway...I hope some fall dates are on the horizon!

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