Video: Brian and Red play with the Everyone Orchestra at Electric Forest

  • Hey Nerds,

    We were lucky enough to have Drake C. post 27 glorious minutes of the Everyone Orchestra in the Fbook group. We've made it available for the world to see! Awesome work Drake C. and if you end up joining this site we'll make sure you get a special badge for your efforts!

    If you guys know the other players in this performance, please comment below.

    Anyway this is must listen stuff. Definitely worth your time. Don't miss the Fire On The Mountain jam at around 10 minutes.:

    2017-06-23 - Everyone Orchestra - Electric Forest – 27:04
    — Spaffnerds

  • the end is phenomenal! brian barber at your service

  • Electric Forest Day 2- with:
    Matt Butler (conductor)
    Marc Brownstein (The Disco Biscuits)
    Mike Rempel (Lotus)
    Brian Moss (Spafford)
    Red Johnson (Spafford)
    Jeff Mann (Consider the Source)
    Mary Corso (Eric Krasno Band)
    Nick Baum (Eminence Ensemble)

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