• Setlist from last night looks interesting. I haven’t listened to the stream yet. In the interview Brian just did with The SoundPodcast he mentioned they’ve got all their equipment with them so I imagine the boards will go up quickly.
    Anyone that went last night...what were your favorite Or noteworthy moments from the show?

  • @603Brett this is not directed at you, just thoughts when I read your post.

    I got a chance to talk to the guys about the boards going up.

    They definitely know the Nerds are hungry and want them ASAP. My thoughts are that you can have it fast, you can have it high quality, but you can't have it fast and high quality. I think people think there's a crew on tour with them to mix and publish these things, but there isn't. Jordan does that work on top of, you know, his other job as a touring bassist.

    I know you know @603Brett, but for those who don't tape, the mixing process is incredibly time consuming and detailed. That's before you even get to publishing and Nugs is not without its challenges there.

    I'm hoping this tour that we can push back on the Nerds a bit and ask them to be more understanding to the demands on our favorite band. These guys are working so hard to give us what we want. Let's make sure we give them what they want. A kind, loving, and supportive fan base.

    I haven't listened to the show yet but I'm really curious about Gold Glittered Hat. I'll try to get the lyrics up asap.

  • @damian No offense taken. Great points!

  • M

    Let's focus on what's important ...

    .. they played the ending of Walls :)

  • @jeenot Nice!

  • @damian...I’ve only seen one show go up faster than that. Holy smokes! I’m patient as can be but damn, that is setting the bar high! Great job team!

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