• I'm well aware this makes me appear an isolated, ignoramus, but I will see my first Spafford show this Saturday in Ithaca.

    However, the only reason I am even commenting is to remark on how unbelievably great this website is. I don't think I have ever seen a better designed website by or in support of a band. Not only is there everything a fan could ever be looking for, but its really aesthetically pleasing, as well.

    I feel like a whole new world has been opened up with this amazing band, and I couldn't pass by this site without acknowledging just how great this site appears to be!!

  • Hear hear dude. @damian has done a killer job with the site. The band's community is one of the best parts for sure!

  • @freddyg41 Here, Here! What a great post and wonderful comment. Have a great time up in Ithaca!

  • The Ithaca show was beyond sick. Great set. This band is amazing. Just when something catches your eye/ear and your saying "that's so nasty", someone else plays something that blows you away. Can't wait to get a copy and re-live this show.

  • agree 100%. Great resource

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