Radio - Chords and Lyrics (Improved!)

  • Chords
    Emaj7: x-7-4-4-5-4 (How Brian plays it.. hard). Regular E works. Or, I like (x-0-2-4-4-4) as an alternate.
    C#m: x-x-6-6-5-x (How Brian plays it) I just play a full C#m.
    Bm7: x-2-4-2-3-2
    E: 0-2-2-1-0-0
    D: x-x-0-2-3-2
    A: x-0-2-2-2-0

    Intro: Alternate Emaj7 to C#m

    Verse 1
    Give me a house, woman 
    Give me a home
    Emaj7                      C#m                  
    Give me a place to sleep inside 
    C#m                      Bm7
    Where I won’t feel all alone
    It’s fall outside through the widow 
    And she sounds like the radio
    Alternate Emaj7 to C#m
    Verse 2
    Give me your love, lady
    Give me a home
    Emaj7                       C#m
    Give me a place to rest my head 
    C#m                   Bm7
    And a kiss before you go
    Bm7          D
    Life is easy  The blue breeze breathing 
    Bm7                        D
    Fall in love, don’t say a word  And eventually it comes to her
    E                    D
    Let me in before you go
                      A            E
    And watch our lives as they begin 
    E                          D    A
    Teacher, won’t you let me in? 
    E               D
    Mister says “my eyes
                    A                      E
    Have seen some wilder things than this”
    E                     D  A 
    Mister, what I’ve seen 
    Give me your eye       
    Give me your key

    Repeat Verse 2

    D..A..E Jam out!!!!

    Repeat Chorus and end on Emaj7 to C#m

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