Setlist and Stat Games

  • We're looking to get a setlist/stats game going for next Tour. Totally open to your ideas for how we can do this. I've seen similar games for Phish, I've done "Setlist Bingo" at shows... what do you guys think? I'd love to have a big prize at the end of the tour... a signed poster, nugs subscription, or something fun like that.

    What say you?

  • @damian I'm thinking 5 guesses per person per show.

    1pt if song is played
    3pts if you guess first set opener
    3pts if you guess 2nd set opener
    5pts if you guess encore

  • I’m so bad at guessing stuff but I’d be down! Guessing sets songs would be better than fantasy sports. Ohh fantasy setlist. Draft your songs or something like that.

  • I love the idea of a song game for next Spafford tour! The pick 5 songs sounds good but I think we would have to mix it up a little to avoid everyone picking the same top 5 most played songs.

  • Maybe have everyone pick 5 songs but one pick has to be a cover song. To make it more interesting maybe we could pick a bust out song which has to be a song that was not played on the previous tour? Just a thought. I definitely want to get in on this and it would be more fun with lots of people. My brothers and I play a song game where you get one point for every song played that’s picked and get 2 points if your song is set opener, set closer, encore or longest song of the show.

  • You could add a multiplier. For example, if you pick a song that's played every 5 shows, you get a "0.5" multiplier. Pick one played every 50 shows, you get a "0.05" multiplier. The more rare the song the more valuable the pick. IDK...

  • *********** WINTER TOUR GAMES! ***********

    Fellow NERDS I have created a game for the upcoming winter tour for anyone who would like to participate.

    Rules are simple

    Pick Set One Opener = 3 Points
    Pick Set Two Opener = 3 Points
    Pick Encore = 5 Points
    If any of your guesses are played but dont correspond with the above point system you will be rewarded 1 Point for that song being played anywhere during the show.

    Me and Damian Silberniff still need to discuss prizes that will be awarded at the end of winter tour.

    If you would like to participate in the winter games please start by emailing your full name to SPAFFORDWINTERGAMES@GMAIL.COM so I can add you to the spreadsheet. You will be able to join at any point during winter tour. Only requirement is to have your 3 picks emailed to the above address 1 hour before the show begins to be eligible to get points for that night.

    I hope you NERDS will join the first ever WINTER GAMES and wish you the best of luck.


  • I'm recorded as in already, but confirming here...SO wish this was the forum of choice over FB, by the way, but I guess the worked being what it is, it'll be what it'll be. :-)

  • Great idea fellas!

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