Slip and Squander - Chords and Lyrics (WIP)

  • This is a work in progress...

    Verse 1
    C                    Eb F       Gm7        F       Eb
    Truckers on the highway,     I bet they dream of home.
    Children on the playground,  I bet they feel alone.
    Thinking of everything,      maybe even death.
    Redirect my focus,           every single breath.
    A head full of music,        but it all sounds the same.
    Nobody knows him,            but he knows all their names.
    Section B
    Eb                        F
    Say something once, never say it again.
    Bb                                                     F
    Say something kind, that’s when the soul strings start to bend.
    Section C
    Gm            Am  Bb           Dm      Eb  
    Down the steps, down the hall, out the door.
    Gm               Bb
    Watch her leave, hold my breath,
             Dm          Eb 
    while we lay on the floor

    Verse progression jam 2x

    Verse 2
    Ideas come out and ideas float away…
    been this way for years now, four years and some change.
    Grab a pretty dress. We’ll head north and then head west.
    It’s time to dream now. Hope for nothing but the best.
    Either brilliant or completely insane.
    Laughter flows freely from this heart, through these veins.

    Section B chords
    Your mind is running. It’s running fast.
    Nothing here was really meant to last.

    Section C chords
    Down the steps, down the hall out the door.
    Watch it leave, hold my breath,
    while we lay on the floor.

    Verse progression jam 4x

    Bass solo in D

    D                               G
    Late night morning haze take my hand
    A                                     D                     
    through the trees up the stairs to the sand.
    D                                     G
    Stars start to slip and squander the calm.
    A               G                  D
    Blue tarp, wild eyed puddle in my palm.

    Jam over D G A…

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