Eternity - Chords and Lyrics

  • Intro, Verses, and Yeah-yeahs are all - G F C
    The last word of each verse is a D, then A#, A

    All the roads that we've been traveling on so far have led us all right here
    And even though we may not recognize the door man, he is soon to let us in and kindly ask...
    To remove our shoes after so many miles, he says we've reached the promise land.
    Now what to do without the clockwork to direct our symphony?


    D                             G        A#                      E
    Let it play straight from the heavens, bring that joyful music raining down on me.
    D                        G                A#                           E
    Here to stay, we all belong now. In this technicolor concert hall we call eternity.

    Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah,
    Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.

    When a choice is made it results in consequence and with none to pay at hand that bill has got to go to someone...
    And I'm quite sure that someday someone else will say the things I'm saying now with different words.
    Spoke to be heard because you know it's what the world is gonna need, with where were headed next.
    One little voice, one giant picture we've all been painted in.


    Where this road is headed next is our best guess, it's ours to mold and make and recreate and rejuvenate our minds.
    Pressing on while looking back to watch our old creations gather in the dust we left behind.


    D E G D

    D                     D              E                        G
    I went and figured it out, all on my own time, and there's no secrets to the places 
    that I've been.
                        D                           E                           G
    If someone else got control, I thought I'd have known by now but signs keep saying 
    this way leads to higher ground.
    Transition (similar to below)
    Bm Gbm A 
    Bm Gbm E A E A
    Bm Gbm A 
    Bm Gbm E A E A E A E A 
    D E G D 2x

    Repeat last Verse

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