When it Falls - Chords and Lyrics

  • Intro
    Bm D E

    A                  D                     E
    Falling all over myself to retrace whats left.
    A                       D                       E
    Looking back at all the pieces is getting to my head.
    A                    D                        E
    Like a thousand tiny footprints buried in the sand…
            Dbm   D                     E  
    As if to say, “Things work out this way.”
    E         A              D       A
    Watch the water, pour it over my soul.
    D       A                     Bm       D E
    When it falls, the rocks will scatter my bones.
            E             A               D                     A
    Let the waves take me out to sea, the tide will have what’s left of me.
    C                  G             D
    And I will find my purpose once again.
    C              G       Bm   D E
    I will find my purpose…once again.

    Bm D E

    Walking out on to a ledge where nobody else could see.
    Each choice is leading to the moment, and a chance to let our steps decide the way.
    Blindly give up everything, never know or reason why.
    Bm      A            E              
    Circles fading in to distant skies…

    Chorus 3 more times

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