Setlist Corrections/Additions

  • Hey all, I deleted my Facebook a while back and so I didn't see a specific place to request setlist corrections or notes to be added. So here's a thread for requesting things to be added to setlists that were missed.

  • Impressions tease/jam in Plans on 12/30/2019. Wasn't included in the setlist but was an "in the moment/I was feeling it" addition according to Brian.

  • A couple inconsistencies:

    • Hot In Herre is listed as played on NYE, but not for any of its other occurrences. They have done that exaxct tease/jam quite a few times. 8/17/2011 is one example.

    • Wolfman's Brother is listed as played for the fakeouts on 12/30/19 and 9/30/16, but Mike's Song fakeout on 04/01/2017 is only notated with a [1].

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