Home (One place I'll never be) - Chords and Lyrics

  • Intro A – Bb – B – E

    Verse 1

    E                                A
    Right now I'm laying down in Oklahoma.
    B                                E
    Soon I'll be in Nashville, Tennessee.
    E                               A
    You can send a postcard down to Florida
    B                            E
    Home is one place I'll never be.

    Verse 2
    I swear I must have seen ten thousand faces.
    Some of them may not remember me.
    So I'll say it here inside this letter,
    It's cold without you home right next to me.


            A              E              Gb
    But sometimes it's the hard ways that take us
    to just where we need to be.
                 A              E
    It's hard to find more than one way
           Gb                           B
    to the home I try to keep inside of me.

    Verse 3
    I hope you found the note left in my sweater.
    I hope it brings you comfort when you read.
    I hope you've thought of me in at least a dozen words
    Cuz home's the one place that I long to be


    Verse 4
    But for now I'm laying down in Oklahoma
    Soon I'm leaving Nashville, Tennessee.
    I hope that you send that postcard down to Florida.
    Home is one place that I'll never be.

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