Simon & Lilly - Chords and Lyrics

  • Intro Chords:
    Am7 G C

    Repeat 2x

    Verse 1
    D        G
    Climbing branches up to brick red rooftops,
    C               D                  Em    C
    Lilly keeps her secrets to herself      (longing for the low-end)
    D                          G
    Hearing nothing much worth hearing,
        C                    D
    Till she heard something else.
               Em              C
    Locked and waiting for the key.
    Bridge 1
    Am7         G              D
    Watch the morning in to sundown.
    Am7         G              A
    What Lilly says is there inside her stare.

    Instrumental verses (D G C D Em C , D G C D Em C D)

    Verse 2
    Chase the cars across the pavement,
    Where the cars are warm and parked inside the lines. (knowing nothing)
    Knowing nothing but exactly what he knows, and he knows what’s better.
    Up the arm rest, scale to the branches of the olive tree.

    Bridge 2
    Am7         G           D                     
    Wait until the gradient begins to form.
    Am7         G         C
    Simon says to let him in.

    Guitar solo progression: D G C D Em C (4 times, last time end on Am)

    Bridge 1

    Bridge 2 (End on D chord)

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