Galisteo Way - Chords and Lyrics

  • D (x-x-2-3-2) or (x-5-4-2-3-2) Brian likes to play his chords with the lower strings added. Also adds the F# with his thumb because he can.
    Cadd9 (x-3-2-x-3-3)
    G (3-x-0-0-3-3)
    Am (x-0-2-2-1-0)
    F (1-3-3-2-1-1)

    Repeating Lick       D     G
    A|------------3/5----------x--| (slide up from 3 to 5)
    D            Cadd9
    Comin round, What you say?
    D          Cadd9              D  Cadd9 (lick)
    I’ll never think that way again
    D             Cadd9
    I know now not what you said,
    D                        Cadd9           D     Cadd9  D 
    but what you’re thinking in your head, instead
    Am       G                 Am             G       D       Am      G         F
    When you see yourself with everything and I don’t care,   Does it feel like home?
    Am       G                Am                G      D       Am      G            F    G          F     G
    When you see yourself with nothing left and I’m not there. Does it feel like home…to waste? …To roam?
    Repeat 4 times
    D               G                    D  G   (Middle finger slides from 3 to 5 on A string, then open A, open D… fast) 
    That’s what they say is they Galisteo way      
    D     Cadd9                  D                Cadd9 
    Fire. Hear it coming burning through the night.     
              D           Cadd9               D   Cadd9
    Let me go up, down my friends   to see my wine
    D            Cadd9       D           Cadd9                          D         Cadd9  D     Cadd9                        
    One for you, one for me, one for everyone and we’re sippin’ someone else’s wine.  Oh Caroline

    Oh-Ohs are alternating D to G

    The bouncy reggie-like part is C to D played as full bar chords on frets 8 and 10

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