Sweet - Chords and Lyrics

  • I know this is a duplicate of Damian's previous post, but I needed extra help getting the lyrics to match the chords so just in case this helps others, this is what I use.

    Chord Progression through entire song: G > D > Em > C
    Solo in G major scale.


    G             D            Em
    Comfort falls hard outside
                      C            G
    And your demise reminds us all
               D        Em       C
    Reasons to think we're alone
    G                D             Em
    No one cried and no one called
                C                G
    Sun set and darkness crawled
             D           Em       C
    over the skin I shed for you


      G         D      Em
    Oh sweet, oh sweet
    How'd you ever hide so loud
         G                        D
    Your voice still sails in the wind
           Em              C
    It's your mountain now
      G         D      Em
    Oh sweet, oh sweet
    Young leave without a sound
    G                     D
    From one love to the next
              Em           C
    It's your mountain now
    It's your mountain now


    My hand is out 
         D              Em
    It's whole and open 
                  C                  G
    Letting go of what's been stolen
                       D          Em       C
    Your whisper still screams in my chest
    It's well past dawn
            D                 Em
    and the sun triumphs over
         C                G
    Your love of tomorrow
             D      Em       C
    I may be back, maybe not



    So write it out upside down, The hall is clear and the music's loud
    G > D > Em > C

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