• Good morning Nerds!

    I hope everyone is healthy and doing well during this pandemic.

    I have exciting news!

    We may have a Quarantine Tour Games!

    I have been collaborating with the Band and @damian. We are possibly going to have a Quarantine Tour Games with the upcoming live streams Spafford has been talking about.

    I need to figure out if they will be doing actual sets and an encore first so I can structure the game correctly.

    If this does happen this will be a way for us Nerds to help the band out financially in this tough time.

    If we do get confirmation with the go ahead it will be a "Pay To Play" game. It will be a $3 buy in for each live stream. @Damian is going to set up a $3 purchase item on Spaffnerds.com. If you decide to play you would do the $3 purchase on the website on the day of the live stream and then screenshot your confirmation receipt and forward the screenshot and your picks to SPAFFORDTOURGAMES@GMAIL.COM

    The band could really use this extra income so they can earn some money during these difficult times and so they can continue to provide live streams for us.

    To get a jump start on this I need your help NERDS. If you are interested in playing and helping out the band we all love please email me @ SPAFFORDTOURGAMES@GMAIL.COM saying you're "ALL IN" with your full name so I can set up a new spreadsheet for the game.

    Tell your family, Tell your friends, Tell everyone and anyone. Let's try to help out the band financially and have some fun doing it.

    The game is easy. You get 3 song picks. You try to guess the 1st Set Opener, 2nd Set Opener, and the Encore. If you did not play the Winter Tour Games check out the link below to get more in-depth rules on the game.


    Thanks again, more details to come as we figure out how this is going to roll out.


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