Spafford Original: The Remedy - Best Performances

  • My favorite recorded version of The Remedy comes from the AMAZING Wonder Bar Show from 2017-01-25.

    If you've got a copy, check out what Brian does between minutes 12 and 14 in the official release. It's pretty sick.

    The Shake You Loose, All In, and Beautiful Day are all fantastic performances as well.

  • That's my favorite as well, and it doesn't hurt that IW@TS. The whole show was great, perhaps because of the "low" turnout (though I contend it was good for a Wednesday night at a beach town in the winter), or because it was Brian's first home state show. Regardless of why, they really turned it up and held nothing back. The Remedy though is the big highlight for me. It's pretty much perfection.

  • off the top of my head
    part of the 1st set palindrome so we get Remedy>Palisades>Remedy!

  • Asbury Park is probably the best I've heard..

    Have to make a mention of the one from the Pressroom, 5/8/15. At that point there was a pretty good gap since the last time they played it, and after many requests got busted out here. We even got a Jon Rose poster to commemorate it!

    Brian also mercilessly made fun of me in the green room when I suggested it as an opener in 2014, but that's a story for another day.

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