Drive-In Tour Games

  • Are all 7 songs worth the same point value? So the maximum point total per player would be 7?

  • @tennesseejac No sir. Set openers and closers are 2 points each. Wildcards are 1 point each. Encore 3 points. max point value for a perfect score is 13 points.

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    @tennesseejac buy as many tickets as you want to support the band, but one entry per person please. It's a competition not a raffle :)

  • Will the vinyl have the JR print?
    And, does each correct song picked get a point no matter which slot? Like if I choose America for 1st set opener but they play it the 3rd song, does it still count as one point?

  • I tried to buy 2 tickets for the game and it says:

    Products marked with *** are not available in the desired quantity or not in stock!

    I guess you have to buy one at a time? I was trying to buy one for me and my wife at the same time. No big deal, just wanted to point it out

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    @tennesseejac said in Drive-In Tour Games:

    And, does each correct song picked get a point no matter which slot? Like if I choose America for 1st set opener but they play it the 3rd song, does it still count as one point?

    You must pick openers and closers in the correct position – that's why they're worth more points. But it does work the other way – if you pick America as a wildcard and it opens the first set, you'd get 1 point.

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    BTW everyone, sorry, I pasted the wrong link again. This one should work and I edited the above post to have the correct one.

    Tickets here

  • I'm in! Thanks for setting this up. I look forward to going 0 for 13 in points. 😂

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    Hi everybody, just a reminder that I will turn the form off one hour before the show. That means your entry MUST be in by 6 PST / 7 MST / 8 CST / 9 EST!

    There are a few stragglers so hopefully they remember to play before its too late.

    Hope everyone has a blast tonight!

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    Hi everybody!

    Whew, what a show. Almost had a festival vibe. It seemed like a bit of a greatest hits show to me, with excellent versions of some of the band's biggest mainstays. As for the game, obscure calls and covers were not favored here and I think a statistical approach of "what's been played the most" would have gotten a lot of points (looking at you, Beautiful Day encore.) However it turns out the essential call was The Remedy, because, well, duh. Nice going, folks who picked that.

    We had a bunch of ties as you'd expect with a one-show game. The official nugs recording isn't out yet, so the longest jam is still TBD. But here are our contenders: last names redacted for the internet, but you know who you are.

    With 6 points we had a tie for first. Their tiebreaker times:

    Jerry - 23:28
    Ethan - 24:33

    After that we have a 4-way tie for 3rd place, with their tiebreaker times:

    Lance - 22:12
    Jeff - 14:45
    Brandon - 23:10
    Marc - 28:23

    As soon as the official recording is out I'll make an update with the winners! Hope you all had a great show. I know I needed some live tunes in my life.

  • This post is deleted!

  • 14:45 Jeff? When is the last show they didn’t play a song over 15 minutes long?

  • @tennesseejac we had about 42 players I think and raised $350 for the band. Thanks again for participating.

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    Looks like the longest jam of the night was Postman. It's around 20:54-21:50 depending on whose recording you use, but that doesn't actually affect the winner.

    The winners of the drive-in game:

    1st - Jerry (6 points, 23:28)
    2nd - Ethan (6 points, 24:33)
    3rd - Lance (4 points, 22:12)

    Honorable mention to Jeff, Brandon and Marc also with 4 points each but having whiffed the jam time :)

    We plan on refining this system and having something fun for everyone when the next tour rolls around!

    Thanks for playing everyone, hope you're all safe and happy out there.

  • @jeenot Official recording is out! (Not on nugs yet though :(

    Postman is the longest track. Thanks for putting this together!

  • @Dirtbathlvr lol. Very next post says what I just said. Oh well. Disregard.

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