• Spafford New Years Run Setlist Games

    Nerds! We're always looking for new and engaging ways for you to get more out of your Spafford experience. This NYE run we're introducing a competition which we hope to carry out into the future for all Spafford shows. We're calling it the SPAFFORD SETLIST GAMES and it's going to be "CRAZY". Instead of just watching the stream from your couch you can be more involved and guess what the setlist may be. If you come out on top you will be a "LEGEND" and be rewarded with some awesome prizes as well.

    The Rules Are Easy:

    The form MUST be submitted by 7PM MST on 12/30. On 12/31 the form will refresh so you can make your picks for night 2. These picks will also have to be submitted by 7PM MST on 12/31.

    You're going to pick 7 songs.

    -1st set opener = 2 pts
    -1st set wildcard = 1 pt
    -1st set closer = 2 pts
    -2nd set opener = 2 pts
    -2nd set wildcard = 1 pt
    -2nd set closer = 2 pts
    -Encore = 3 pts

    -There is an "ALTERNATE ENDING" if we have a tie.
    -Tie Breaker: Guess the longest Jam length (In MM:SS format)

    The top 3 point leaders will be named the winners.
    Winners get to choose from these prizes. First place winner chooses first, second place second, third is just grateful s/he won.

    Please enter a real email address if you want to receive a prize!

    Only enter one song per slot.

    Conform your responses to the Spaffnerds database spelling of song names. e.g. "Dirtbath" is one word. ("It's a Bunch" has an apostrophe in it because "It's" means "It is", you savages.) If you're not sure, check the database: https://www.spaffnerds.com/songs

    You are free to make guesses that aren't in the database, like "Down With Disease". In that case spelling will be based on the original artist or official set list at the discretion of the contest runners (Jfire and Blaise.)

    Click this link to go and make your song picks: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc5PnCGe7q-WOUxi6PjWWWNbtXQkQQakkgQYEKl_S5WfDZi5g/viewform?usp=sf_link


    3. (TBD)

    We hope you NERDS are "ALL IN" and will come join us on this new interactive way to enjoy Spafford shows.

    Get "COMFORTABLE, "BE STRANGE", & Keep Killin' It!

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    FYI everybody - entries close at 7pm MST. That's 6 for the west coast and 9 for the east. Get yer entries in! Can't wait for some JAMS!

  • M

    What a killer show! Excellent song selection in my opinion and some great jams. A bit of space, a bit of rage, a bit of joy... something for everyone.

    The scores as of tonight:
    1st - Mark Robinson with 3 points
    2nd - Corey Grant with 2 points
    Like a 7-way tie for 3rd with 1 point

    Please let me know if you think you got more points and want to appeal.

    The form is set up to receive entries for tomorrow night! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc5PnCGe7q-WOUxi6PjWWWNbtXQkQQakkgQYEKl_S5WfDZi5g/viewform

    It will close at 7pm MST tomorrow so get your entries in!

  • M

    Hi everyone, thanks for your patience! We had to wait for the soundboards to drop so we could break a tie using jam length. Drum roll please...

    1st pick - Michael Franklin
    2nd pick - Geoff Works
    3rd pick - Mark Robinson

    I will be emailing the winners separately so they can pick their prizes! Thanks everyone for playing!

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